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Freshly baked, with love, according to real French recipes.

Baguette and croissants in the heart of Belgrade

Baguette & Co. bakery is located in the heart of Belgrade waterfront. We find our inspiration in the French bakery. Equipped with state-of-the-art French equipment and "Bongard" technology, bakery Baguette & Co. wants to provide its customers with the finest tastes and the highest quality products. Dedication to ingredients, rich assortment and Parisian charm is what makes Baget & Co. unique. The most diverse breads, croissants, cakes and other salty and sweet products, they are prepared with the utmost care. Special attention is paid to the appearance of the bakery, its interior but also the garden. There is a seating area in the bakery, both in the sales area and in the lounge area, where our customers can enjoy their breakfast and morning coffee, brunch, cakes, dinner and drinks.